Blog Topics

The below list of topics includes both those things that I’ve already blogged about and some of those things I’d still like to blog about. Those with links are things I’ve blogged about.

If you are starting out with an FPGA design from scratch, then I’d like to recommend some quick resources for you. First, you’ll want to read my Rules for new FPGA designers. After that, let me invite you to try out my beginner’s tutorial. The intermediate tutorial is a work in progress as I write this. You might wish to check it to see how far I’ve gotten with it. Perhaps what’s there will be valuable for you anyway.

How to Debug an FPGA

If you are coming to the FPGA world from the big software world, you will find that FPGAs can be very difficult to debug. In this series, we’ll work through how to debug FPGAs, from blinky to a networked debugging controller.

Open Source FPGA Tools

Basic FPGA Design

How to Build and Debug a Softcore CPU

Wishbone Bus

Avalon Bus



SoC + FPGA Architecture

CPU design topics

DSP Topics

Hardware reviews

The ZipCPU blog isn’t really about hardware reviews. That said, there have been several posts I’ve written that have highlighted one piece of hardware or another, so it’s worth listing them specially here.