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I have a lot of things I would like to write about on this blog. Indeed, there are so many topics I’d like to write about, that I’m struggling to keep track of them all. Hence the list below. I’ll keep track of upcoming topics on this list below, so that I don’t forget any. Topics that I have written about will be placed into this list, so you can find the component articles of any series here as part of this outline. Further, as I commit to any new topics, I’ll list them here as well.

How to Debug an FPGA

If you are coming to the FPGA world from the big software world, you will find that FPGAs can be very difficult to debug. In this series, we’ll work through how to debug FPGAs, from blinky to a networked debugging controller.

Open Source FPGA Tools

Basic FPGA Design

How to Build and Debug a Softcore CPU

Wishbone Bus


SoC + FPGA Architecture

AutoFPGA – a component aggregator

CPU design topics

DSP Topics