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Welcome to Formal Quizes!

Since I have enjoyed sharing formal verification quizzes on twitter, and since they’ve been such a well received part of the feed, I thought I’d add these same quizzes to the blog.

The spirit of these quizes is intended to be fun. They are drawn from the slides for my formal verification course. The format limits the quiz questions to a single slide. The up side is that the quizzes tend to be simpler. The downside is that there’s a challenge required on my side to make them understandable and complete as well. (I don’t always succeed at this.)

Take as much time on each quiz as you would like. I encourage you to create small designs to try each concept using SymbiYosys and to see what happens when possible. I also anticipate posting the answer to the quizzes within days of the quiz itself. Once posted, the image containing the quiz will become a web link, and there will also be a link underneath pointing to the answer page. By the time most people come across any particular quiz, the chances will be that the answer is already posted.

Be aware, I enjoy posting trick questions!

You may also notice that I’ve added two new links to the navigation bar. The first link will be to an index page, linking to all the various quiz posts. The other is to a Reddit feed I’ve created to go with the blog itself.