The ZipCPU blog is supported today by a small number of Patreon donations. I do not get any advertising or other revenues for this work.

Last night, I removed Disqus support from the ZipCPU blog. Disqus had offered a free discussion capability at the bottoms of the various posts, for only “minimal” “unobtrusive” advertising. I had no problems with this contract, especially since I never saw any of these advertisements. (I use a strong Ad-blocker on Firefox, and constantly tune it personally myself.)

Monday night, though, I finally saw the first of these “unobtrusive” advertisements. I will not repeat what I saw here. I will summarize my impression by saying that the advertising I saw on my own blog page was not consistent with my strong Christian values.

These values are captured within the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and they are reflected in the verses posted at the bottom of every page.

I do, however, continue to use Google-Analytics support. From Google-Analytics, I can tell how often web pages on this site get read, which pages are read the most, and how folks move around the site. However, if Google-Analytics becomes a problem, I will remove that capability as well.

The blog articles posted here take a lot of work to put together. While I have nothing in principle against getting some advertising revenue in addition to Patreon support, I refuse to sacrifice my morals to get this revenue.

Please contact me, therefore, if you ever see any advertisements on this site that would be inconsistent with strong Christian (i.e. Biblical) moral values. This includes if you see advertisements showing “skin”, or otherwise making a profit from another man’s sin and suffering.